About us

Finca “Ses Rotes”

Santa Eugènia

Our family

The Coll family has had links with the land for generations. Although, traditionally, the family concentrated on growing vines and almonds, Ses Rotes estate is documented as having featured olive groves over 200 years ago. Nonetheless, it was in 2011 that we embarked on this thrilling project to produce oil.

A respect for the environment and for our local backdrop has always been a priority for us. As a result, organic farming practices are a necessity for us more than an obligation. We also try to minimize our energy consumption, thanks to the solar panels at the estate. With the energy that is produced, we can water the olives and power the electrical equipment used to harvest the fruit and to prune the trees.



All our estates and all our oils are certified by the CBPAE (Balearic Organic Farming Council) in accordance with European Union organic farming rules.