The Oil

Organic extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil is basically juice from olives. If this juice is to be of a high standard, the fruit must also be. Hence, good-quality oil cannot be made with bad-quality olives. Extra virgin olive oil is therefore the best quality olive oil.

In addition to fulfilling all the legally established physical and chemical parameters, extra virgin olive oil may not have any kind of organoleptic defect. This is absolutely crucial, since it not only guarantees oil made from healthy, good-quality fruit but also the subsequent process used to make extra virgin olive oil and its conservation in the warehouse. It is important to remember that, generally speaking, any organoleptic defects in an oil are caused by the way the olives are handled or processed or the conservation of the oil.


Recent studies (Predimed-1) have demonstrated that following a Mediterranean diet, supplemented with extra virgin olive oil, reduces the risk of a heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular disease by up to 30%. They have also shown that regular moderate consumption of extra virgin olive oil reduces the likelihood of breast cancer in women.


Analysis by HPLC-DAD according to IOC method No. 29.

350 mg / 1 kg of oil

Vitamin E

Analysis by HPLC-FLD according to IOC method ISO 9936.

27 mg / 100 g of oil

Oleic acid

Analysis by CG-FID according to the method Regulation (EEC) 2568/91 Annex X.