The olive grove

Where to find us

We are based in the municipality of Santa Eugènia, in a little village in the Balearic Islands with deep-rooted agricultural traditions. Our olive groves look out toward the mountains, midway between Santa Maria del Camí and Santa Eugènia and between El Pla and El Raiguer, on the slopes of Puig de Son Seguí. This setting unites all the very best of Mallorca’s inland landscapes, with its vineyards, almond and carob trees, and its olive groves.

The estate

Ses Rotes is the name of the family estate where our plantation can be found. It was bought by my great-grandfather, Gabriel Canyelles, in the 1930s. The estate covers an area of 6 hectares on the slopes of Puig de Son Seguí peak in Santa Eugènia (the Balearic Islands). Its red loamy soil is well-drained and very stony, making it ideal for olive growing. The plantation is made up of 1,500 Arbequina and Koroneiki olive trees.

An organic olive grove

When you reach the olive grove and walk for a short while, your senses suddenly spring to life, even the most dormant ones. Each season brings new sensations: the fragrance of damp soil in winter, newly mown grass in autumn, and flowers in spring; birdsong, the buzzing of the bees, a hare dashing through the olive trees… We like our olive groves to be living beings and this is why we have always engaged in organic farming practices.

Harvesting and making the oil

Harvesting time is the most important event in the year. This is when we pick the fruit that we have pampered so lovingly throughout the year. All our harvesting tasks must be very carefully organized to ensure oil of the highest quality. Each day, the olives are swiftly taken to the oil mill, where they are pressed within 24 hours of being picked. This guarantees superior quality oil and the conservation of all the fruit’s physical, chemical and organoleptic properties.